Leaving Neocities.

(for real this time)

Ha! Funny Spriteclad joke! How original!

No, if you think this is a joke, it is not. I am really leaving Neocities. I have kept this account in case I want to see some sites, but overall, I will most likely not update this site unless something cool happens. I may still put some things on here if I want, but for the most part,* I am gone.

If I am in your webring, please remove me.

Why are you leaving?

Well, lemme tell you why, with a list.

  1. Lack of interest.

  2. Interest in other hobbies
  3. Life

I am sorry to the two people who actually liked my stuff. I am no longer interested in Neocities. Goodbye!

im sorry if this feels like a copypasta circlejerk thing btw
*I may come back under a different name, however it is very unlikely.